Why Choose Us

New Jersey Adult Medical Day Care Center provides you the opportunity to enjoy your golden years in ease and comfort with our daily programs, services and helpful medical staff who will be there to provide support and assistance in your daily needs.

You can wake up early in the morning and know that you are always in the safest and most capable hands in the state of New Jersey. You will never have to worry about being safe from falls or other things because you will always be overseen and protected by our helpful caregivers should any unforeseen circumstances arrive.

Everyday there is always something to look forward to in our facility. Our daily programs and schedule will guarantee that you will never have a boring day in our care. You can make life long relationships with other residents in our facility where you can eat together, laugh together and even share life stories and experiences.

Our facility exists because we want to create a comfortable retirement place for seniors who need assistance with their daily needs.

COMPLIANCE: We are in regulatory compliance with the local, state and federal government for providing Adult Medical Day Care Services.

CARE: We provide the best care to our clients. We treat our clients as individuals and meet their needs with professional care and services.

COMPASSION: We are leading experts in providing seniors with care…but it is our Compassion we areknown for. We love the clients we serve each and every day…

CONSISTENT: We are consistent in delivering the care and services we provide to our clients. We are leaders in the Korean Community and assure our Advocacy and Dedication is steadfast.

If you want to meet or visit our facility, you are encouraged to Schedule a Tour. For immediate assistance, please call us at 201-773-9090.